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Saturday, May 28, 2011

My first attempts at making garmets

This is the first top I have made that turned out.  I already mentioned one attempt I made when I serged a hole in one.   Most of the tops I've made I can't wear because I've made them too small each time.  I even made the top I serged a hole in too small.  The one above fits me.   I have kind of put garment making on hold because I want to lose some weight so that my body fits the patterns a little better.  It is hard enough making garments, but having to worry about fit makes it even harder.   When i reach my goal weight I'm going to make an entire wardrobe.  

This is a pair of pj pants I made for my hubby, Steve.  My husband loved them. If you can see them closer they are made with children's flannel fabric (little tug boats).

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  1. I like the colourful trousers. Looks as if your dogs are very impressed with them too!